Al Reid Jr. is an American jazz/funk saxophonist and is the son of trumpeter Al Reid Sr. (pictured right). Al was born and raised in the city of brotherly love Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began a journey in music at the young age of 7. He began playing professionally at the age of 15.

Al’s first encounter with music began at home, where his father would play old jazz records around the house as he practiced his trumpet. Naturally taking a liking to it, he pursued music at his local elementary school, which led him to his first instrument, the xylophone. While the xylophone only lasted a year, Al’s passion for music did not, as he pursued the clarinet the very next year and continued with that for the next 4 years.

Instrumental music was not the only avenue of Al’s talent, as his father seen when he came home from summer camp one day with a medal from a talent show for rapping. This sparked a 7 year long rap career where Al Jr. rapped under the moniker “Lil Al”. During this career, he has performed many shows, including a national TV appearance on the Jenny Jones show, as well as putting out an album.

Al’s first encounter with the saxophone came about when he attended high school and studied classical music. This was an easy transition for him to make, as the clarinet and saxophone fingerings are very similar. Still having a love for jazz, Al went and studied jazz at the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz. He participated in All Catholic and All City concert bands and orchestras while in high school, all while performing professionally with local groups from the area.

Al has played with many artists and groups and has a plethora of experience in music performance, business, songwriting, arranging, and directing.

His biggest influences are Grover Washington Jr. and Spyro Gyra.